how to keep your dog cool in summer hot weather

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

During the warmer months, it is vital to take extra care of your dog as the hot weather can cause discomfort and even make them ill. Did you know that your dog can suffer from heatstroke, dehydration, and even sunburn? On a hot day, putting some extra measures in place will keep your dog healthy […]

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ways to remember your pets on national memorial day

5 Ways to Remember Beloved Pets on National Pet Memorial Day

Our four legged friends are more than just animals, they become important members of the family, and in most cases, the most spoiled. Our pets improve our lives and their memories never leave our hearts. So when the time comes to say goodbye to our beloved furry friends, it can be heartbreaking. Join Us in […]

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Young man works at a laptop during coronavirus lockdown wearing a surgical mask watched by small terrier dog

A different national pet day this year!

Enjoying a pet quarantine with your animals With another year, comes another reason to remind us to celebrate our beloved pets. As National Pets Day in the US, came and was celebrated in unprecedented times as we found ourselves amidst a global pandemic.   Having playful pets is such a joyful thing and being at home […]

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Alan Boot-Handford and Richard Bush of Petributes attend the 48th Annual Conference of the IAOPCC in Aurora CO, Sept 2019

IAOPCC Annual Conference

   We are delighted to be attending the 48th Annual Conference of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC) in Aurora, Colorado this week. Our President Richard Bush, will be attending with Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Alan Boot-Handford. Also attending will be Ness Bush (Overseas Sales & Development) and Adam Masters […]

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Our hope is to provide the perfect way for families to cherish their beloved pet’s memory, so we are thrilled to be launching our new website and, for the first time, offering our urns, keepsakes and memorials to the public.

New Petributes website for USA

Petributes launches a new online store for customers in the USA For the first time, the Petributes range of pet cremation urns, pet memorials and pet ashes keepsakes will be available for the American public to purchase online. Pet owners now have more choice in selecting a beautiful tribute to their beloved pets. Petributes has […]

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