5 Ways to Remember Beloved Pets on National Pet Memorial Day

ways to remember your pets on national memorial day

Our four legged friends are more than just animals, they become important members of the family, and in most cases, the most spoiled. Our pets improve our lives and their memories never leave our hearts. So when the time comes to say goodbye to our beloved furry friends, it can be heartbreaking.

Join Us in Celebrating on National Pet Memorial Day This Year

National pet memorial day is an important day for all pet parents who have experienced a loss of a cherished pet. This national day has been celebrated for over 40 years and it is a popular day for people to look back on all the amazing memories that were shared with a pet who is no longer with them.

And although the passing of a pet is something that is difficult for someone to recover from, a day dedicated to honoring a departed pet can give comfort to those who may need it most. In honor of our furry friends, here are some simple ways you can remember your beloved pet on Pet Memorial Day.

5 Ways to Remember Your Furry Friends

1. Have a ceremony

Having a ceremony can be a great way to provide yourself time to connect with your pet. Burying a furry companion can be painful, but holding an intimate memorial service can give you and your family the closure you may need. You can bury your pet with their favorite toys and belongings, and tell them how much you miss them. Inviting family over for the service to share happy memories and stories can also make this easier if you have younger children.

2. Make a photo album

Gather all your photos and memories of your pet and create a photo album in honor of your pet. Write down your favorite memories and stories in the album, you can decide to share this with family so that they can add in their photos too. This photo album is a great keepsake to look back on whenever you need comforting.

3. Make a donation

Honoring your pet can mean making a difference in your local community. Although your own pet may have had a wonderful life, there are so many animals that need a loving home. By making a donation to a local shelter or organization in your pet’s name, you can take comfort from the fact you’ve helped animals in need.

What if I don’t have the money?

A charitable donation to a worthy cause doesn’t have to mean money. If your pet has recently passed, you may want to donate any pet supplies you may no longer need. Or at certain shelters, you can volunteer to help out with the animals like walking a dog, which is an activity you may miss doing.

4. Plant a tree/ flower

Planting a tree or flower in their favorite spot in the garden is a great way to remember your pet especially if they loved the outdoors, but to also give back to the environment. Consider adding a bench or plaque in the same place, so that at any time of the day you can go outside and be with your departed friend.

5. Paint your pet!

Are you the type of person who likes arts and crafts? Consider painting or drawing a portrait of your pet. This is a great activity to involve children in and admire your favorite photos of your pet along the way. After your masterpiece is finished, find a nice spot in your home to hang it where everyone can see!

What if I’m not creative?

There are many websites where you can get an artist to copy a photo of your beloved pet in any style you like, so you don’t have to be the creative one. This is also a great gift idea if you know someone who has recently lost a pet.

Final Thoughts for National Pet Memorial Day

Losing a pet is never easy, and a day like today can be difficult for many. But finding ways to remember the happy memories you have shared with your companion is a great way to find comfort in your loss. Enjoy celebrating for National Pet Memorial Day!

If you are currently grieving the loss of your pet, or know someone who is, visit our website for support and advice during this difficult time. You can create a free online memorial to your pet on our Memorial Wall. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like some help finding a support group on social media.

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