How long does it take to get cremated remains back?

The time taken for ashes to be returned after a cremation can vary. If your pet’s cremation is being organised by your veterinary practice it may take a little longer. This is because the pet has to be collected by the crematory, and ashes have to be delivered back to the surgery, before your veterinarian can notify you that they are ready to be collected. This can take a few days.

Some people can feel unsettled or anxious until their pet’s ashes are back home. If having the ashes back promptly is important to you we recommend you ask about it when you organise your pet’s cremation.

Some pet crematories can offer a same-day or next-day service. The crematory can collect your pet from your veterinarian or your home or, if you prefer, you can take your pet to the crematory yourself. You may be able to stay in a quiet room at the crematory, or walk in their garden of remembrance, while your pet is being cremated. You may then be able to take the ashes away with you on the same day, so it is like your pet has never left your side. If you would like this type of service it may be better to make the arrangements directly with your pet crematory.

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