How To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

how to keep your dog cool in summer hot weather

During the warmer months, it is vital to take extra care of your dog as the hot weather can cause discomfort and even make them ill.

Did you know that your dog can suffer from heatstroke, dehydration, and even sunburn? On a hot day, putting some extra measures in place will keep your dog healthy and happy, meaning you can enjoy time in the sun with your best friend, safe in the knowledge that they are being protected.

So what are some excellent tips to keep your dog cool this summer?

  • Encourage your pet to move to a shady area or indoors and prevent them from lying in direct sunlight
  • Let them lie down on a cool, damp towel
  • Put cold water in a hot water bottle and put it next to them
  • Put the sprinkler on and let them run around in it
  • Give them a cool bath
  • Let them splash in the paddling pool

If your dog displays overheating signs, such as fast breathing and panting, use the tips above to cool them down. More severe symptoms such as collapsing, convulsing, rapid pulse, glazed eyes, excessive salivation, bright red or blue gums, vomiting, and diarrhea can mean your dog is very unwell. If this is the case, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Other top tips to ensure your dog stays safe in warmer weather

Never leave your dog in a car

Some owners think that if they leave the window open and the car in the shade, it’s OK to leave their dog in the car. However, even for short periods, your vehicle can heat up very quickly, and your dog can quickly become uncomfortable, distressed, and dehydrated. Ensure you are always able to leave your dog somewhere safe other than your car or another enclosed space.

Provide plenty of water

Access to clean drinking water is imperative at all times, but your dog may drink more than usual on hot days, so keep an eye on their water bowl and keep refilling it. It’s also good to make sure you have a water bowl or container and fresh water to take with you when you take on walks so your dog can have a drink when they’ve been running around in the countryside!

Plan your walks accordingly

If the weather is sweltering, it can be uncomfortable for your dog. Planning to walk your dog early in the morning or late evening when it’s likely to be cooler can make things easier on your furry friend. If you live near water, this can also be a good option so your dog can cool down when they need to.

Remember sunscreen

Dogs are at risk of sunburn, just like humans are. This is particularly true for lightly colored dogs or those with thinner coats. You can find specially formulated sunscreen for dogs in pet shops or online, so it may be worth investing in some ahead of very hot weather.

Protect their paws

In summer months, some surfaces can get uncomfortably hot and can hurt your dog’s paws. Sand and tarmac are particular culprits. You can put your hand on the ground to check how hot it is, and if it feels uncomfortable to you, it probably feels the same for your dog.

By following the above tips, you can make sure that you keep your dog protected and comfortable in the warmer months and enjoy those summer days knowing your favorite friend is happy, healthy, and safe.

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