Guinea Pig Urn

This sweet little Guinea Pig urn is a fitting final tribute and resting place for your beloved cuddly little companion.

Compatible with our optional Memory Capsule to safely store a photo and small mementos such as a collar tag or lock of hair.

This Guinea Pig Urn has a hollow interior that can hold the whole of your pet’s ashes*. Remove the screw-cap or Memory Capsule from the base of the urn to access the ashes compartment.

*The addition of a Memory Capsule will reduce the ashes capacity.

$160.00 Exc Tax and delivery

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More about this product

Guinea Pigs are one of our favourite small, sociable, cuddly little companions. Their inquisitive and energetic ways make them the perfect pet for everyone and have become the beloved "first pet" for many of us. The bond you hold with your first pet is ever lasting and the loss of your chatty little companion will always be painful.

This sweet little Guinea Pig Urn is a fitting final tribute and resting place for your beloved little companion.

Compatible with our optional Memory Capsule* to personalize and safely store a photo, keepsakes such as a lock of fur.

These lovely figurine Guinea Pig Urns are cast in resin from original sculptures commissioned exclusively for Petributes by local artists.

*When combined with a Memory Capsule the ashes capacity of this Guinea Pig Urn will be significantly reduced.

Dimensions and Capacity

External Dimensions (length x width x height)
7 ¼ x 3 ¾ x 3 ½ inches

Capacity: 15 in³

More Information

This product is not suitable for outside use

This product may be personalized with an optional accessory.

Care of this product
Keep out of direct sunlight

Product Specification
Material: Cast Polyester Resin
Sealing Method: Screw-cap base

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